A contemporary designer brand, Made in Spain.

Distinctive designs, unique texture materials, exclusive accessories and an infinity of fine details.

The beginning

Pertini’s roots trace back to 1953, when Francisco López, current President of Pertini, got his first job in a shoe company. It was always clear to him that shoes would define his life and that one day he would set up his own shoe company. Years later he met Manuel Tárraga, a skilled shoemaker who was mad about shoes and also had the same dream.

Both men worked successfully in the shoe industry for decades. With the experience acquired over the years Mr. López offered Mr. Tárraga a partnership. In 1982 both men came to the decision to set up their own company in Almansa under the Pertini brand name. The brand soon distinguished itself for its innovative designs and high-quality footwear.

Trend, design and fashion.

Always one step ahead: PERTINI

Initially, Pertini was dedicated to the innovation of the design of classic Spanish footwear. The result was a unique, very attractive and easily recognisable product which immediately obtained wide international recognition.

The business grew and in 2006 the partners added a second factory also in Almansa dedicated to the manufacturing of high-quality goodyear welted footwear under the brand name Cordwainer brand name.

Over the years, Pertini has never stopped reinventing itself. Design, quality and a continuous innovation of its production processes have increased the brand’s international presence in the main fashion centres, Paris, London, New York and many others.

Season after season

Design, fashion and trends change from season to season. Our creative design team together with the innate talent of our Art Director enable Pertini to stay one step ahead of the trends.

Pertini has become a contemporary designer brand of recognised international prestige.